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Amertis group dental benefits comparison

The Privileges of USA+ Membership


United Service Association For Health Care (USA+) is a non-profit membership association chartered in Washington, D.C., in 1983. USA+ was founded to benefit the lives of individuals, families, the self-employed, small business owners and their employees nationwide. USA+ became one of the
first membership associations in the United States to provide quality benefits programs that were previously available only to employees of large corporations. USA+ identifies the needs of its members and finds the nation’s top providers of products and services to satisfy those needs and negotiates favorable pricing for its members. Membership packages may consist of insured, non- insured benefits and consumer savings programs. USA+ is NOT an insurance company. Members will have access to insured benefits through the group policies that have been issued to USA+ by
A.M. Best rated insurance companies.


Ameritas Group Dental Benefits


Plan Details: $70 Annual Deductible for all services, $2,500 annual maximum. Benefits are paid based on the PPO contracted fee. There is no waiting period. Select from one of nearly 414,000 in-network providers or choose any dentist nationwide.

Benefits are payable as follows:











Feel free to contact us with any questions. 


Incentive Coinsurance: All members will begin at the lowest coinsurance level. Members will advance to year two coinsurance level only if a claim is received in the first Benefit Period. Members will advance to year three coinsurance level only if a claim is received in the second Benefit Period. If a claim is not received, members return to the lowest level of coinsurance. The first Benefit Period begins on the effective date of the membership and ends after 12 months have elapsed. Subsequent Benefit Periods begin on the member’s anniversary date.

Dental Rewards - Rewards insureds that care for their teeth and use only a portion of their annual maximum benefit in a year. With its increasing maximum feature, each insured member and dependent earns additional money toward their next year’s annual maximum.

To get the maximum carryover for the next year, you must meet the following requirements:

1) Visit your Dentist during your 1st Benefit Period. 2) Submit a claim within 180 days of service. 3) Total benefits paid for current benefit year visits must be less than $500.

• If you meet all 3 benefit requirements you will have an additional $250 available in Annual Maximum for the next benefit year.

• In future years, if you have benefits paid of less than $500, additional amounts of $250 will be added to the carryover. However, the most you can accumulate in the maximum carryover is $1,000 per benefit period.

• Your annual maximum will be $3,500 in four years if you continue to visit the dentist once each year!

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Feel free to contact us with any questions. 

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