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With all the health care reform changes, it can be a very challenging task to navigate the online provider directories for the various insurance companies.  Let us save you time and frustration with the following helpful links, shortcuts and tips.



Start an Anthem Blue Cross Provider Search

  • If you're not already a member, scroll down and click "Select a plan for basic search".

  • Under "Select the type of plan or network" select "Medical Plan or Network"

  • Under state, select "California".

  • Under "Select how you get health insurance" select "Medical Networks on-Exchange".

  • Under "Select a plan or network" select either "Pathway - HMO Network" or "Pathway - EPO Network", depending on your region and preference.  Important Note: EPO is not available in most Southern California regions, just the HMO.

  • "Continue"

  • Enter provider's name and city or zip code.

Start a Blue Shield Provider Search (This takes you to Blue Shield's general provider search, which will ask you to either login as a member or choose from several plans.  You have to know which plan to choose or use one of the shortcut links below.)


Blue Shield Search Tips: 

  • First, try to Google the doctor's name for the correct spelling.

  • If you are searching for a specific doctor's name, enter the last name only. 

  • Make sure you don't have any additional spaces after the last name, because that will sometimes prevent someone from showing up (this can happen especially if you are copying and pasting the name.)

  • You can also search by provider type within a specific zip code range.



Start an Oscar Provider Search (This takes you to Oscar's general provider or drug search, which will ask you to either login as a member or choose the network you want to search.  You have to know which network to choose or use one of the shortcut links below.)

Oscar has eliminated their Choice network for 2023, which means they are no longer in-network with UCLA, Cedars, UCI & Hoag.  They have 2 networks in California for their Individual & Family plans, "Southern California" and "Bay Area".  For quicker access, please use the corresponding shortcut links below for the networks you would like to search providers for. 





Start an LA Care Provider Search

  • After clicking the link above, click the logo that says "LA Care Covered | Covered California".

  • You will see some basic filters that you can select for your general search criteria.  If you click the blue "Find a Provider" button at the lower right, it will pull up a search list of all 22,765 providers in-network with LA Care's  provider network.

  • You can filter the results on the left within a certain zip code range.  You can narrow your results by gender, providers that are accepting new patients and more.

  • If you click "More Filter Options", you can narrow your search by other criteria.

  • Physicians and Specialists must be searched separately. 

  • If you simply want to check if a doctor is in-network, you can search by name.

  • Make note of the medical group(s) your providers are showing as contracted with.  All providers must be in the same medical group you choose in order to have access to them.​

LA Care's 2 most popular medical groups are UCLA and Optum (formerly Healthcare Partners.)  If you want to be part of one of those medical groups, you can search for primary care physicians within those networks through the following steps:

  • UCLA - If you want to search for a primary care physician accepting new patients within the UCLA Medical Group, from the main provider search page, under "Network" select "UCLA Medical Group", which is the last medical group listed on the drop-down list. 

  • Optum - For Optum, select "Optum Health Plan of California".

  • For "Provider Type", select "Primary Care Physician"

  • Next, click "More Search Options" and select any other preferences you have, such as zip code radius, gender or language, etc.

  • If you are looking for a new physician, make sure to check the box that says "Only show providers who are accepting new members".

Start a Health Net Provider Search

Health Net Search Tips: 

  • Health Net has several different plans, which can make their provider search process very confusing.

  • First, make sure to select the correct plan year you are considering coverage for (select 2023 if you are enrolling in a plan for Jan. 1st, 2023.)

  • There's a glitch with Health Net's provider finder if you try to search by zip code.  Therefore, it is best to filter by city first, then change your search to address.  At that point you can just enter the zip code within a 5-10 mile radius.  Be careful with searches beyond 10 miles because it can cause their search engine to freeze up.

  • Enter the correct spelling of the provider's first and last name and hit continue.  You may need to Google their name first for correct spelling and zip code.

  • If the provider is in Health Net's network, you will see their name show up.  Scroll down and click "View Details" below their name to find out which plans they are in-network with.

  • Click "Select a Plan" to see all the available plans. 

  • Look specifically at the plan names under the headings "Currently Available Plans - Standard Medical Plans" and  toward the bottom under the heading "Covered California".

  • The plans you want to look for if you're searching for individual and family plans are the following:

    • Standard Medical Plan (These plans are offered OFF Exchange, direct with Health Net, outside of Covered CA)​

      • HMO - Ambetter HMO IFP

      • PPO - Ambetter PPO IFP 

    • Covered California (These plans are offered ON Exchange through Covered CA)

      • HMO - Ambetter HMO IFP

      • PPO - Ambetter PPO IFP


Start an Molina Provider Search​

Search other carriers

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