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We are your one stop resource to properly guide you through the confusing process of obtaining the right health insurance in this complex and ever changing market. We will make the process quick, easy and painless.


Are you a new company which has grown to the point where you now want to offer group health coverage? Or are you a company unhappy with your existing plan? Want a review or need a second opinion from an experienced broker? Shop4healthplans will help navigate you through this process from quoting and explaining plans to the owner/human resources and ultimately the employees, to the completion of enrollment and transition to group coverage.



Whether you are seeking a basic policy or your needs are more intricate and involved, Shop4healthplans is appointed with over 50 'A' rated or better insurance companies and will shop the marketplace to obtain the lowest possible premium.



Consider the fact that an estimated 70% of people over the age of 65 will require some period of ongoing assistance or supervision due to a physical or cognitive condition. Planning ahead for your potential long-term care needs is an essential part of any comprehensive retirement plan. If you ever need care, the purchase of a long-term care policy will turn out to be one of the smartest decisions you ever made.


You can protect, but you can’t predict. LifeSecure is a solid, yet inexpensive plan that will pay you directly a lump sum of $2,500 - $25,000 due to accidents and injuries, above and beyond your health plan benefits. 


Turning 65 and selecting a medicare supplement can be quite overwhelming. Shop4healthplans will assist you through the process of selecting the right supplemental plan to the completion of your enrollment.


Short term health plans provide coverage for 1 to 11 months. This is the perfect solution for people who are simply seeking temporary insurance. Please click below for details regarding these P.P.O. plan benefits and monthly premiums.



Access to an outstanding group dental for individuals and families through the U.S.A. Plus nonprofit organization. 414,000 in network providers, or go to any dentist. No waiting periods! $2500 maximum benefit compared to similarly priced plans with only an average $1500 maximum benefit. Incentive rewards program for having your teeth cleaned that allow you to increase your maximum benefit by $250 up to $3500 over 4 years.



The patient protection affordable care act (P.P.A.C.A.), also referred to as Obama Care, has made health insurance extremely complex, involved and difficult to navigate. We are your health coverage and health care reform resource and expert. What does that mean? Many agencies function as the jack of all trades. They want all of your insurance business (I.E. auto, home, liability, business, etc.). Although we do provide expert advice for life, disability, and long term care insurance, here at Shop4healthplans our primary focus is health insurance and we know it intimately.  We have specialized in assisting individuals, families, self employed, independents, and small businesses since the year 2000. Shop4healthplans is appointed with all California insurance companies both in the private market and on the exchange (Covered California). The advice you receive is completely unbiased due to the fact, as brokers, we have no loyalty to any one particular carrier over the other. We look at each person on a case by case basis, taking to in consideration needs, wants, access to doctors and hospitals, budgets and income, then provide recommendations that will allow you to zero in on the plan that’s the best fit and value. Whether you purchase a policy directly from the insurance company, Covered California, or our agency, by law the premium is exactly the same. Whether you go it alone or have us assist you there is no fee for our services (a small commission is paid to us by the insurance company).

About Us

Our Process

Tired of dealing with 1-800 numbers, getting put on hold and worst of all, receiving advice from uninformed, inexperienced, and many times, unlicensed individuals? Shop4healthplans has extensive knowledge of this ever changing industry and will give you the assistance you deserve and need. Time is your most valuable commodity. For most people health insurance has become very complicated and difficult to navigate. To be efficient and informative our appointments are via screen share while on the phone together. You will be provided with a link to join our screen. With our experience and knowledge we will simplify the process, and help you determine which plan provides just the right trade off between premiums and benefits. We will spend as much time together as you would like to accomplish this goal. Once you decide which plan you want we will submit the application together on your behalf. Most applications are not user friendly and can be very frustrating. We have been through the process thousands of times. We will make the enrollment simple, easy and painless. We know there are many things you would prefer to be doing rather than filling out an insurance application. Health insurance is going through continuous changes and has become quite confusing. When we are finished you will understand all the details of your plan and thus be able to properly navigate your policy so you can take advantage of your benefits and not be surprised by any bill(s) down the line.

Do We Really Care?

We take our job very seriously. We know that when a major health issue arises having the proper insurance is critical. It can be the difference between life and death.  As brokers we work for you, not the insurance companies. Our livelihood is a direct result of taking care of you, our clients.

People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.

We realize these are simply words. Please check our many reviews on Yelp, you will see just how much we truly care and take pride in what we do. You can check complaints and license status with the department of insurance (916.322.3555). In our two decades we are proud to report that number is ZERO.


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